Posted by: Jim | February 2, 2004


[yawn] Janet Jackson flashes [/yawn]

Perhaps Janet Jackson was aware of exactly how tired her act was going to be. I forced myself to watch it, and commented on how “yesterday” it was. I remember Paula Abdul doing the same stuff back in the 80s. As I was chatting with my friends, I saw them focus a bit more intently for a moment on the screen. One of them said “Janet just flashed her boob on teevee.”

I looked back at the screen. Missed it. Oh well.

It’s not surprise that today the FCC and right-wing groups are gasping in horror. Congratulations Janet on mastering the “if you poke it it will flinch” school of media manipulation.

But face it. Few people really cared about seeing Janet’s boob. Men who enjoy seeing the female form have for more effective means of obtaining these visuals. In fact, many of these men were probably watching the lingerie bowl. The right-wing groups that are officially expressing their outrage aren’t outraged at all. People who cling to television as being the last vestige of family entertainment need to hear this important message from me: “You lost this battle long ago. Set the boobies free.”

Some people expressed how ashamed they were that other countries saw this stunt as a reflection of poor American morals. They are using this lame stunt as a chance to posture, and they know it. I am personally far more ashamed that other countries saw how unimaginative her routine, her stunt, and our reaction all are.

It’s all so “yesterday”.


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