Posted by: Jim | February 26, 2004


Gnarly Little Hope Springs Eternal

The above picture shows a wolverine humping it across a frozen lake in Michigan. It was previously believed that fur trappers killed the last of this breed (in Michigan) back in the 1700s.

This week I had the following happen to me:

1. Attempted coup attempt at work, people trying to get me fired. I subsequently am fighting back and will win.
2. The Secretary General of the U.N.–a role venerated for its peaceful intentions–had his phone bugged by our closest ally. This adds to the heap of evidence that we are the bad guys. I’ve come to the conclusion that I personally am a bad guy. That’s easy enough to deal with. But when you realize that the flag you’ve pledged allegiance to is also a bad guy … that can be quite a blow.
3. Thugs are converging on Port-au-prince as I write this. The world is watching but no one wants to help.
4. Just general malaise and the bullshit of life make me want to go “whaaaaaa!”

Then I see this picture of this furry little critter, who was believed to have been snuffed out two centuries ago. God damn my fucking pessimism, and say hello to the struggle of life. Life always wins.

Not only did this little bugger win the struggle, but if you were to cross him, he’d bite your arm off.



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