Posted by: Jim | April 26, 2004


See No Evil

My blog on this subject is a few days late, which is decades in Blog-time. But I’m cheesed off, and since it is my “only job” to tear down those who lead me, (according to some), I am going to do my job to the best of my ability.

Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, a blogger obtained this photo:

Bush determined that this photo and any like it were disrespectful to the families of the victims, and that he is going to “crack down” on the publication of such photos.

Now here comes the part where I tear down my leader:

Trying to strong-arm the media into painting a rosy picture of the war, and trying to hide this loss of life from us is more disrespectful to these dead than I could ever be. Bush might as well be pissing on these soldiers’ graves. The dead bodies who lay in the coffins in this picture were in Iraq to ostensibly fight for the VERY FREEDOM that President Bush is now trying to curtail.

This ham-fisted censorship is not just disrespectful to the dead, but also disrespectful to every American. Is it not our right to know the costs of this war? Is it not our right to dissent? Who is President Bush to tell the media not to publish such photos? By the way, there are a bunch more here.

Each coffin in that picture represents many grieving family members. The photo is everything BUT disrespectful. It’s far from it. If any family members of these brave soldiers feel I’m disrespecting their sons and daughters, I will take the photo down. However, if you think the photo is merely disrespectful to the President, tough shit.

How far does Bush have to go before people realize he is a linear thinker with no respect for anything but his own agenda? Right now his agenda is to get re-elected. God only knows what Bush’s agenda is after that. I certainly don’t want to find out.



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