Posted by: Jim | June 29, 2004


I’m an evil non-blogger

The brain, it appears, has entered a state of suspended animation. Awhile ago, about the time Nick Berg was rendered bereft of his head, I buried my head in the sand regarding the news. What with the Prison scandal rendering the “we’re the good guys” argument completely impotent, the conversation seemed pretty much over.

So what else is there to talk about?

Oh yeah … Rembrandt!

The above is one of my favorite pictures. I have a print of it hanging in my office at work. This portrait was painted by Rembrandt, and it is presumed to be of his son.

Rembrandt obviously had hope. The lad here has that mischevious yet loveable look that motivates parents–or anyone who loves kids–to be better people. It’s one of those motivations that keep the wheels of progress moving.

Kids haven’t changed much since 1645. This kid looks like he’s could start playing with a Game Boy Advanced at any moment.

For some odd reason the painting give me hope. Have a great day all ye who blog!


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