Posted by: Jim | July 16, 2004


Two points for Zoo Tycoon

My kids play a computer game called “Zoo Tycoon”.  And since I’ve tried to raise them with a sense of fair play and ethics, they have scoured the information superhighway to find every possible “cheat” that exists for this game.
One of the features of the game is that you can name guests. If you name guests with secret names, some of these cheats come into play. If you name one guy a certain thing, you get all the various types of animal shelters at your disposal.
Then I noticed a guest named “George W.”. I pointed to him and said “why did you name him that?”
My daughter said that she read that it is one of the cheat codes.
“Oh,” I replied. “What happens when you name him that?”
“It’s the weirdest thing,” my daughter said. “I’m not sure why this is good, but now all the animals poop more.”
No lie.


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