Posted by: Jim | August 24, 2004


I dig chicks!

I usually take more pride in my headlines, but this post is in response to my friend David’s post wherein he admitted to something that I’ve not admitted myself, but it is all too true.

When I read a man’s blog, part of my summation of the blog–and the man–is whether he is gay or straight. I love everyone, but part of “getting to know” someone is to know their orientation. I will read anyone’s blog as long as they are interesting to me, and I will judge a man’s value based on his character, not on who he sleeps with.

And with women I’m also curious, but I won’t lie–it’s not the same as my curiosity about men. With men I’m just getting to know where they come from. But with women, there’s always the lurking thought in my perverted mind if I might actually have a chance with this particular woman. Not that it would ever happen, but my reptilian brain–while reptile-like–is still rabidly heterosexual and somewhat kinky. Still, the same holds true regarding my value judgement of a woman. I will value her based on whether she’s a good person or not.

Still … a guy’s gotta know.

So part of the fun of my blog has been to be semi-covert about my orientation. After all, I don’t want anyone to value or de-value what I write based on the fact that I utterly and totally love everything about women.

First and foremost, I love their bodies. Those thighs, those breasts, the curves. Their faces, their hair, the way they smell. I love them all. I want most of them.

Guys are fine. I like them in a friendly sort of way, but I don’t ever have the urge to wrap my arms around some dude’s waist and run my hands up and down his torso. [shudder.]

And there you have it. Jim is straight as can be.


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