Posted by: Jim | September 15, 2004


Not the Meat

I try to focus my blog postings on important things like politics, geo-political trends, the philosophical underpinnings of our society, and macro-economic trends.

However, this weekend found me horizontal. During the night, my soul–undoubtedly in search of truth–went on a spiritual journey to Calcutta, where it drank water from the Ganges. I awoke with no spiritual enlightenment whatsoever, but with a horrible stomach virus.

Actually, due to certain complications I couldn’t actually lay horizontal I had to lay at an angle. So to be accurate, this weekend found me diagonal.

Finally well enough to get to work today, I went to purchase a bite to eat during lunch, and while the receptionist was handing me my change, I had a striking realization:

Why is it, when a consumer has their bag of purchased goods in one hand, and their other hand reached out to receive their change, do almost all receptionists politely place the paper money in your palm first, and put the change on top of it? Do they realize what a pain this is? Are they all trained to do it this way? Don’t they know that this means we have to drop everything only to handle their confabulation of cash and coin?

Here’s the correct way to do it: coin first, paper second.

Obviously, since I’m feeling this sassy, I must be feeling better.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some actual meat.


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