Posted by: Jim | October 5, 2004


Random Utopian Mumblings

Truth be told, I’m feeling a bit ill, so this odd ecstatic moment I’m feeling might be composed of some weird chemical soup in my brain, but here it is:

I think Kerry is going to win. I just feel it.

The number of voters who registered was uncharacteristically high. My non-scientific reasoning is that only the people who are angered by Bush would feel compelled to actually vote when they otherwise wouldn’t.

The Gallup polls are correcting what was obviously flawed statistics posted before the debate. Now they are showing a dead heat. Imagine that.

I’m thinking tonight’s debate might get a few votes for very lame reasons. (But hey, a vote for whose prettier will still be a vote for the good guys in this case.)

Bush is on the defensive. Let’s keep it that way!


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