Posted by: Jim | November 2, 2004


Sixteen Reasons Why I Voted for Kerry

1. Because I love the United States of America.

2. Because I want a leader who stands resolute in the face of criticsm, but also has the wisdom and intelligence to listen to criticism just in case it is right.

3. Because I’m pro-choice.

4. Because I’m pro gay-marriage, and even though Kerry waffles on the subject, Bush is clearly against it.

5. Because I care how the rest of the world feels about the United States. The oceans aren’t large enough, anymore, to allow us not to care.

6. Because a $500 tax break won’t buy my vote.

7. Because the world is running out of crude oil, and crude oil will determine the destiny of the world over the next 10 years. That destiny lies somewhere in between brutal thuggery or conservation and a wisely handled transition. I see no evidence of anything but brutal thuggery from this administration.

8. Because history will prove that George W. Bush, while appropriately resolute and firm after 9/11, has been inappropriately resolute and firm ever since.

9. Because it’s pronounced “Nu-Klee-ur.”

10. Because I don’t want my children saddled with any greater financial burden than Bush has already placed on them.

11. Because the U.S. needs a President who will hold himself accountable for his decisions, rather than point fingers.

12. Because it’s “internet” (singular) not “internets” (plural).

13. Because no, I don’t need any wood.

14. Because I want a president who will not only eradicate terrorist maggots, but who won’t–in the meantime–heap higher piles of rancid trash where the maggots breed.

15. Because we can’t find 380 tons of explosives in Iraq.

16. Because people will die today in Fallujah, and I still can’t figure out why.

And here is NOT a reason I voted for Kerry:

1. Because I hate Bush.

If I had allowed my hatred for Bush to sway my vote, then I would have voted FOR him, so that he would be forced to face up to the mess he has created.

But no … I couldn’t do that. Refer to reason #1.


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