Posted by: Jim | November 8, 2004


Everything Counts in Large Amounts, Pt. 2

This just in from the brilliant bastion of conservatism known as Orange County, California:

Recluse Voted to School Board

It would be funny as hell if it wasn’t so damn depressing.

Here it is in a nutshell. Steve Rocco is a recluse who lives with his aging parents. The home (according to the NPR report this morning) emits a horrible smell. Rocco is a kook who rides a bike, wears a Sherlock Holmes cap, and wore camoflage to the only public appearance he has made.

He did not submit a candidate’s statement, but ran against a member of the PTA who put “Park Ranger” under his name on the ballot. Steve Rocco put “Educator” under his name on the ballot.

Guess who won? You got it! Nutball Steve is now fiscally responsible for the 230 million dollar school board budget.

Here’s a lesson for Orange County voters: if you don’t know a goddam thing about your candidate, why do you vote? Do you just assume that our political process will weed out the wackos? Do you live in a caccoon? How far into Orange County do you need to live in order to have your head so firmly planted in your anus?

You get the government you deserve …


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