Posted by: Jim | November 15, 2004


Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

(Can you name the movie the title appears in?)

Well, Sedona was about as close to a Bacchanalia as you can get without actually having a room full of naked people.

It did have, however, the following:

1. Lots of dancing
2. Lots of alcohol
3. Hiking through ancient cliff dwellings
4. Gambling
5. Other unmentionable stuff

I will make a quick note: while on our way to see “Montezuma’s Castle,” an ancient cliff dwelling outside of Sedona, we discovered there–nestled like a perfect blue egg in the nest of the desert–a Native American gambling establishment known as a *casino*.

My radar went up. Gayle was kind enough to put an unscheduled stop in our schedule. I went in, and lo and behold they had Texas Hold ’em going on!

I sat down, and in 90 minutes made $80 at a $3/$6 table. Not bad. For those of you in-the-know, I got pocket aces THREE TIMES in the space of 90 minutes. And every single time I was raised before the flop. Each time I re-raised, and poured it on, winning each time.

Ah, life is good. And Sedona is now on my “favorite places” list.


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