Posted by: Jim | December 20, 2004


How Sick is Jim?

Jim is soooooo sick, that when I cough, I actually feel pain in my kidneys. Now … I’m not saying that to be pathetic, because I actually think it’s kind of funny when I read it. And I don’t think it’s my kidneys; it’s probably my ribs or some such.

I haven’t slept (much) for the last four nights. I’m coughing uncontrollably. I even went to the Doctor yesterday and I am not one stitch better. I mean c’mon. It’s almost 2005 for Pete’s sake. Not only do we not have flying cars, we can’t even cure a flipping cold.

And the pure joy I hold tightly to my breast is that I get to fly out of town tomorrow for work. WaHOO!

I’ve coughed fourty-seven times while writing this post. You won’t hear me whine like that much longer, though, because it’s getting close to New Year’s and my resolution will be the same it was last year: NO WHINING.

I made it until December 20th. Not bad eh?


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