Posted by: Jim | January 5, 2005


Happy New Year

I’ve written this post several times now, with depressing references to Tsunamis, elections, etc. But let me sum it up this way:

Thank God that’s over.

For me personally, 2004 was not a good year in that I lost a few friends. Each loss gave me a blow, like the old one-two-three punch. I used to think that when you lost friends that you lost a little bit of who you are. But here I am, the same old stubborn cuss.

I also gained a few friends, which may in time prove out to be of great value. In fact, I’m counting on it.

Sorry for not blogging much lately, but I’ve been on a blessed vacation after an over-the-top busy holiday season. I’ve been laying about like a blown-out tire and loving every minute of it.

But, I’m back and full of more piss and vinegar than you could imagine. Look out 2005.


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