Posted by: Jim | January 18, 2005


A Question for Christians

Today a Georgia schoolboard voted to appeal a judge’s ruling that made them remove stickers from a textbook that said “Evolution is a theory, not a fact.”

I hate sentences like the above, because I have to deconstruct what basically constitutes a quasi-triple negative. Basically, there were these stickers that the school board liked because the school board didn’t like evolution. The judge told them to take off the stickers, and now the school board is saying “please let us keep our stickers.”

So here is the question I have: Why do Christians react so negatively against evolution? What threat does it pose on the Christian world view?

Evolution is a fact. (Sorry, but it is.) But that fact doesn’t necessarily negate the Christian creation theory. Just because humans evolved from simian creatures doesn’t mean that God didn’t have his hand in it.

After all, if Christians are trying to gain acceptance in the world’s eye, don’t they have bigger fish to fry? If they stopped looking so silly when it comes to the evolution issue (which is no threat to them), they might get more credibility with issues that require a bit more gray matter, and would weigh in as a heavyweight on their issues list.

Can any Christians chime in and fill me in?


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