Posted by: Jim | January 19, 2005


How Should You Protest? First, Use your Brain …

Tomorrow is Inauguration Day. There are LOTS of grass-roots methods of protesting that have gained momentum via the web. I’d like to discuss a few:

1. “Not a damn dime day.” This is the one where people won’t spend ANY money tomorrow. Ummm, okay, but who are we hurting here? Probably no one. Everyone who didn’t spend on Thursday will spend twice as much on Friday. Any vendors who find a dip in sales won’t blame Bush for it, and if anyone is hurt it will be a smattering of all people, Democrat and Republicans alike. This is just a silly foot-stomping tantrum.

2. “Turn Your Back on Bush.” People are being asked to attend the inaugural parade and turn their back as he passes to show their disrespect. This just seems childish, and it seems an unpatriotic statement, rather than a criticism of the man himself. Besides, whether or not we like it, Bush is now our President. I’d take a bullet for him. I won’t turn my back on him because we need our President. It’s unfortunate that our President is one step up from an orangutan, but we still need him.

3. “Black Thursday.” Just stay home and don’t do anything. Don’t go to work. I’m guessing the people who latch onto this one would latch on to it with equal vigor if it was to protest cruelty toward lima beans.

4. “The Bush Blackout.” Turn your blog black on inauguration day. I’ve thought about this one, but wouldn’t the Bush Administration love that? Finally, all his critics are silent. I gotta say no to that one too. Besides, tomorrow is the 1-year anniversary of TMOTM!

5. There are several local protests all over the country. These aren’t a bad idea in that at least it’s not counter-productive. And it’s probably a good way to rub elbows with other Bush critics. Hell, maybe some folks will get laid. It won’t really accomplish much of anything that I can think of, however.

6. “Choose the Blue” is still my protest of choice. I would link to it but blogger’s link engine is busted. Here it is: This form of protest is a serious way to help get a Democrat elected into office in 2008.

Please spend your money with companies that support a more rational approach to Government!


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