Posted by: Jim | February 7, 2005


The Butcher will be back in 10 Minutes

I’ve been spending all my energy over on Carol’s Blog in the comments of this post. I’m talking mostly with Dr. Bean, who wins kudos for being a Bushie with whom I can have a reasonable dialog with. We may not ultimately reach an agreement, but at least I’m learning.

So in lieu of an actual post, I will offer this quick quip.

I was talking with my son and daughter, mostly encouraging my son who has taken some big steps in improving a particular grade in school that he had been struggling with. My son is very bright (natch!) and I was saying “See? You’re smart enough to ace that subject–the problem was that you just weren’t studying right.”

My daughter wants to contribute to the conversation. She is 12. She says “Yeah … ummmm … (long pause) let me find exactly the right words.”

Then she says this to her brother: “Sometimes … I think you’re stupider than you actually are.”

Does it mean that I’m a bad Dad for laughing (hard) at this? 😀


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