Posted by: Jim | February 23, 2005


Men in Music

I don’t want to come off as an old codger who is ragging on today’s music. But I would like to issue a suggestion to men in music.

I was recently given three DVDs full of the latest, hippest music. (Yes, that is a hell of a lot of music. It would take me about 80 hours to listen to it all.) But I noticed such a prevalent trend amond the male vocalists, I thought I would bring it up.

Guys, stop whining! You all sound like a bunch of spineless amoebas who are grovelling at the feet of the almighty being known as women. I know women act like they want you to grovel, but if you do they’ll lose all respect for you. And you’ve lost my respect too. Get the fuck up off your knees, stop listening to “The Cure,” and be a man for god’s sake.

And the other half of you men–those of you who want to “smack your bitch up” … your dad obviously should have taught you some manners. Go to Jail. Go directly to Jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect royalties from your music.

Oh god, it makes me turn to my XM radio, click “3” on the pre-select, and listen to “Frank’s Place.” In Frank Sinatra’s era of music, the men are men. They don’t grovel, they still admit to getting their hearts broken but they are still strong. The women don’t hide behind the veneer of faux female empowerment. They just have soul, and they don’t need to hide.

There, rant over.

Special thanks to: Frank, Dean, Tony, Sammy, Nat, Sarah, Ella, and mostly Billie …


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