Posted by: Jim | March 24, 2005


Keep it up, W!

George Bush’s strict adherence to imaginary Fundamentalist Christian values are placing him further and further out on the lunatic fringe. Now, even his fundamental followers think he is going to far. The most poignant line from this article is:

“There is widespread cynicism about Congress’ motives for getting involved: 74 percent say Congress intervened to advance a political agenda, not because they cared what happened to Terri Schiavo.”

It’s slightly amusing that the fate of one woman’s life would rise to such a fever pitch as to cause the president’s approval rating to drop six points. Now that the polls are clearly pointing out that most American’s feel that George is meddling where he oughtn’t, let’s see if our resolute leader stays his current course.

Of course, the issue will die shortly after Ms. Schiavo does. The President will use his media circus to shift the focus onto something more grounded. American RAM will reboot, and forget that our President is way off base.


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