Posted by: Jim | March 28, 2005


Take this Fine and Shove It

I think not, but you never know. This comes from Carol’s Blog, who says she got it from Dr. Bean’s Blog, who got it from the McCain-Feingold Insurrection.

There are rumors that bloggers will have to pay fines if they link to political campaign site.

I’m a little skeptical. I think the judge who overturned the ruling making the internet an exception just doesn’t understand what she’s doing. For the federal government to regulate all blogs and even mailing lists would be another classic example of them biting off more than they can chew. Plus, I know more than a few bloggers, liberals and conservatives alike, and I bet it wouldn’t be hard to raise up a little rebellion.

The McCain Feingold Law was intended to reform campaign finance, and somehow it gets twisted into an abridgement of our freedom of speech. The logic here is that I pay money for my computer, and that part of that cost is going to create a blog, and part of the blog is a link to a political site. Therefore, I’m contributing to that candidate.

Along these lines, I also pay for clothing, which I must wear to go to a coffeehouse. At the coffeehouse, I may give someone a campaign button. The button of course is a direct contribution, but cost of the clothes, divided by the portion of time I spent in those clothes whilst handing over said button … is a contribution as well.

Part of me actually wishes it to be true, but my sensible side says that congress will probably make the internet (and blogs) an exception.

Keep your fingers crossed.


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