Posted by: Jim | April 29, 2005



It’s the latest thing. The way you do this is open up a browser and type in the letter “A” and see what URLs it suggests. I poked through my list and found some of the more interesting links, rather than simply taking the first. Here’s my list: NASA’s Picture of the day site. Great place to get wallpaper. Brian’s site. I’m the proud papa.

http://www.code(donotgotothislink) My attempt at finding a group of people who are geeky enough to want to crack codes for fun. Don’t go to this site! It tried to reset my home page, 25,000 pop-ups began to appear. Etc. Asswipes. Here’s something you didn’t know about me. This is the clan I play Unreal Tournament with. They know me as “Rick*Deckard”. Even though I’m a cat lover, this is a fun game. Can you beat my score of 2270? These are Sscottyb’s online photos. He’s an artist in case you haven’t figured that out! My latest top-secret passion. Another game that I love. I’m actually so good at this that I wrote a guide that this website is supposed to publish soon. Here is a GREAT Geek test. I am most definitely a geek. Are you? Here’s something interesting. You type in that URL and it resolves to this: Which is the most well-known legitimate church with a special outreach to the world’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities. I thought for sure “” would be a joke. It wasn’t. For some reason, this came up. This is one of my favorite posts at Karen’s site. I found this a long time ago. I like to look up my friends on the internet. Lori is one of the greatest people in the world (seriously). We’ve been online friends for years and I’ve always had a secret crush on her. Now I could post my own URL under “M,” but that would be “Mmmmmasterbation” which also begins with “M”. Instead this is what came up. It’s a screen shot from “HalfLife2” … my favorite computer game. The screen shot should show you why it’s so awesome. A really fun map program. Get an aerial shot of your home! The letter O was lonely. This was my only entry. Woohoo! It’s Carol’s site! Four of my links begin with P! Pero’s came first. Found on another person’s version of this game. It’s so weird it’s … uberweird. Here’s a forum where people are all saying that the movie “Equilibrium” did not get the recognition it deserved. I agree! It’s a very cool movie. A great site for people who live on LA’s freeways. If you don’t get an extremely uneasy feeling when reading this, you may need help. I found this when doing searches on cryptography. This is an interesting post about what makes a good code. (You’re asking “Is The Butcher’s Code good according to this?” Why yes. Yes it is.) This was an awesome idea!! I recently went to look up “Tyranny of the majority.” Interesting stuff.

I didn’t have an entry for “X” … but I found this to suffice: Sorry. This was all I had!

I have nothing for Z either. And I don’t know what this is:


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