Posted by: Jim | May 26, 2005


A Democratic Domino Principle?

There is a lot of rhetoric being tossed about regarding Syria. It is almost exactly the kind of rhetoric we heard about Iraq a year before we invaded them. At the time, it was clear to me that Bush had an agenda with Iraq, and that he was simply building his justification to invade them so Americans would go along with it.

Could the same thing be happening now with Syria? Lately I’m seeing a completely unprovoked salvo of “fighting words” being tossed over to Damascus. Additionally, our troops have been heading over to that oh-so-convenient border. And now Zarqawi has gone missing and we’re saying that Syria is harboring him. It all sounds so familiar that it’s laughable.

I can hear my detractors now. They’ll say that what I’m suggesting is proposterous, and that I’m turning into a shrill conspiracy theorist.

I’ll innoculate my blog against that debate by saying I’m not sure this is going to happen. I’m only saying that I live in a country that has a history of attacking oil-rich countries without provocation, so I’m starting to feel a little bit skittish about Syria.


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