Posted by: Jim | June 15, 2005


Another Amendment Outlawing Flag (yawn) Burning

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Congress is wetting itself again, and morphing our government, bit by bit, into something that looks remarkably similiar to the militant Islamic groups we are at war with.

The war could have been values versus icons. But really it’s turning into icons versus icons.

Today’s installment: another amendment to outlaw flag burning. Seven times this has been tried, and seven times it has failed to become law. Perhaps this time, with the country frothing at the mouth to conjur patriotism where it never existed, and to hush any nay-sayers as non-patriots, will the law pass.

Why don’t we just get right down to it and make it illegal to desecrate a Bible? That will give Islamic interrogators something to do, since we are apparently fighting to preserve icons rather than ideals, just like Islam.

Fine. Make flag burning illegal. I couldn’t give a shit in these days when there are bigger fish to fry. Congress shouldn’t give a shit either, really. Aren’t there more important things on the table? Is it the Rules Committee who decides which bills will be voted upon? What are they thinking?

And here’s what I have to say so I don’t look “unpatriotic:” If I saw someone expressing themselves by burning a flag, I would express myself by stopping them. Just like that Dodger did (Rick Monday?) in the 1970’s.

I also believe it is dangerous to legislate against any freedom of expression.

But go for it Congress. Knock yourself out.


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