Posted by: Jim | June 30, 2005



I dreamed last night that President Bush ordered an atomic bomb to be dropped on LA.

My family and I were in the car literally outrunning the edges of the blast cloud. We barely escaped, then watched the aftermath ensue. Ground zero was Glendale, where I used to live, and I remember trying to call my old neighbor to see if she was okay. No answer.

Bush was on TV talking about his resolve and determination. I remember thinking that Bush needed to do a “show of force” with his nuclear arsenal, and we were an experiment. (Perhaps this was a comparison with Saddam?)

It was one of the dreams that last hours, where there are minute details with an actual, logical string of events. Where this came from I can’t say. I read a cute e-mail yesterday talking about how all the blue states were going to declare their own soveriegnty and call themselves “New California.” Maybe this is where it came from. The e-mail listed who would get what, but I guess it forgot to mention who gets the nuclear arsenal.

I woke up in a cold sweat (literally) at 4:00 AM.

I was laying there for only a few moments, recovering from the dream, when the phone rang.

It was work. A major system was down.

My nightmare continues …


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