Posted by: Jim | July 7, 2005



Some of you know that I grew up a fundamentalist Christian, and that now I am not. The journey from there to here is not an easy one, but when you’ve made the journey, there are a few lessons that you learn and subsequently hold near and dear to your heart.

There were two instrumental books that ushered me down the aisle and out the door of the Christian church. One was “Fear and Trembling” by Soren Kierkegaard, and the other was “Areopagetica” by John Milton. Ironically, both were men of faith.

But here was the lesson I learned. One must look honestly at both sides of an argument before he can make the truly correct decision. A prerequisite to doing that is access to both sides of the argument.

Censorship, whether it be on a global scale or a personal scale, is the path away from wisdom.

I changed my tagline on this blog briefly to link to this concept. And in today’s world, especially amid escalating terror strikes, there are growing fears and growing intolerance to viewpoints that are not our own.


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