Posted by: Jim | August 1, 2005


A Rare Restaurant Review

I don’t fancy myself much of an expert in the culinary arts except for one category: Indian food. Having worked in a pretty good Indian food restaurant when I was in college, I acquired a great love for the cuisine, and have been frequenting Indian food restaurants everywhere I go ever since.

One of the complaints I have about Southern California is the comparative lack of decent restaurants–especially Indian Food. I have found a few good ones in my day, like Akbar in Pasadena. But they are rare. Some of the Indian Restaurants I’ve been to are so bad that it’s embarassing.

But last Friday night I discovered one that is the best Indian Restaurant I’ve experienced in the Southland. It’s called “Tamarind” and it’s in, of all places, Chino Hills.

Chino Hills is as culturally distinct as Billy Barty is tall. But nevertheless, this jewel is fixed on Billy’s crown.

For Indian Food afficianados, Tamarind is a mix of Northern and Southern Indian cuisine. The chef has taken a few non-traditional liberties, but every one was worth taking. The Garlic Naan is far more complex than what is typical, and it alone–along with the rice pudding (Kir)–is worth a trip alone.

If you happen to find yourself trapped in the Inland Empire, go and eat at Tamarind.

You will love it, or I’m not The Butcher.


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