Posted by: Jim | August 24, 2005


What’s That You Say, Mister Robertson?

Yesterday’s fiasco with Pat Robertson has played out quite nicely and hilariously.

First off, the White House responded correctly by denouncing the suggestion of an assassination attempt.

Now Pat Robertson, the self-appointed Secretary of State, has accused the Associated Press of misinterpreting his statement. Apparently “take him out” does not me “kill him.” It could mean a lot of things. But then again, it was our self-appointed-and-obviously-unqualified Secretary of State Robertson who chose this ambiguous language.

Lesson #1: If you want to be Secretary of State, don’t say “let’s take out so-and-so” when so-and-so is the leader of a country. People just assume you mean assassination (you moron).

Lesson #2: Please let Condy Rice be our Secretary of State. She’s much better at it than you are (you moron).

Lesson #3: All you fans of Pat Robertson, maybe you should watch Emeril’s cooking show instead of the 700 Club, eh?


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