Posted by: Jim | September 6, 2005


The Butcher is Back

Sorry folks, I went off on vacation and neglected to tell a soul.

My girlfriend, kids, and I flew up to Portland Oregon to visit my family and attend my sister’s wedding.

Here are some highlights:

– My brother Matt pushing my Dad down the aisle so he can give the Bride (My sister Sarah) away.

– We all had a fabulous time. My family in Portland is extremely sympatico. They’re just awesome folks. Smart, funny, easy-going, drinkin’, swearin’ people just like me and my family. As Gayle aptly put it, “Jim loves being an Etchison.” I do indeed.

– I found out that I can still play Disc Golf. I tore my rotator cuff a few years ago, and for months afterward, whenever I would throw a disc, I had excruciating pain. My brother lives about 100 yards from the first tee of the most beautiful disc golf course I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t resist, so Gayle, my bro, and I walked down there one day and I threw a decent game with …. (drumroll) … no pain. Wahoo! Now I can break out the old discs and do something healthy for a change.

– A few of us spent the day at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry . It’s just plain awesome.

– My kids, it turns out, are pretty swell travelling partners. This bodes well for future trips. However, I sometimes wonder how cooperative they would have been if our hosts hadn’t have had the best Playstation2 setup on the face of the earth. Hmmmm.

– I found out that I can go for five consecutive days without playing my computer games without my head exploding.

Now I’m back at work, somewhat refreshed, and ready to bear the burden of corporate oppression once again.



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