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China is Not a Role Model

Here is a transcript of the e-mail that Shi Tao sent, that led to his imprisonment for 10 years: (thanks to the AngryChinaBlogger for the interpretation.)

Below is a Chinese copy of the abstract of an official Propaganda department circular that was distributed to Chinese media editorial groups in April 2004. This document has been declared to be a State Secret’ by the Chinese Government and is the document that journalist 师涛 (Shi Tao) received 10 years imprisonment for transmitting to a foreign website.

A full English translation has been provided.


20 April, Chinese Propaganda Ministry urgently dispatches document 11 to assorted news agencies, contents “Concerning present work to continue stability”, abstract as follows:


1. About the present situation, an analysis:


(一) This year is the 15th anniversary of “6/4”, cross border/external democracy groups are increasingly active in preparing to commemoration “6/4”, and are preparing to cross the border;
(二) Currently the focus of liberalization is, whether or not the Communist party is in a position to lead, whether or not to continue the system of socialism and the so-called “popular study”, additionally hostile elements have been observing judicial cases and politicizing them;
(三) Acts of terrorism committed by FLG members;
(四) Harmful information has been disseminated on the Internet;
(五) There have been prominent demonstrations by the masses, principally over forced relocations, and seeking petitions for help;
(六) Hostile foreign powers are taking advantage of religious channels (print media, Internet) to win over young people, and using school activities, tutoring etc, to help (students/youths) in carry out illegal activities.
(七) The Hong Kong Problem;


Key Point are about “6/4”, about FLG, about mass events (mass protests)


2. Every level, every department, must take these preventative measures.


(一) Determined system to stop pro-democracy group from crossing the border;
(二) Tight protection to guard (against) any type of (demonstration) activity;
(三) Tight protection to guard (against) any type of activity on the Internet;
(四) Tight protection to guard (against) mass protests;
(五) Tight protection to guard (against) acts of destruction by the nefarious FLG cult;
(六) Tight protection to guard the security of members of key departments;
(七) Tight protection to guard (against) element impacting on stability and unity;


3. Immediate fierce promotion of 5 key works


(一) Uphold proper thinking and responsible ideas;
(二) Practically reinforce information-gathering work; gain a better understanding of all activities and situation;
(三) Continue to manipulate public opinion to the correct form, have an effective defense against destructive external forces, resolutely never express any opinions that are not consistent with the central (Government’s) opinion;
(四) Give prominence to key points, direct protective measure towards them;
(五) Reduces mass petitions by the people;


At the same time (you) must focus (your) attention on relationships between external democracy groups and individual editors and journalists inside (China), one discovered, inform on them immediately.

This translation was done without a full and complete knowledge of Simplified Chinese characters and may contain errors and mistranslation. An alternative English translation may be found at



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