Posted by: Jim | November 18, 2005


To My Friends in Dover

Thank you for voting out the 8 school board members who tried to foist “Intelligent Design” onto your biology curriculum. They were dolts, and had no business serving a role as leaders of education. Nice job.

Contrary to what Pat Robertson believes, Dover is not going to be the target of the wrath of God. In fact, you folks in Dover can count on a continued lack of focus from the wrath of God. Pat Robertson is merely reasserting his role as the embarassing religious guy who represents America to the rest of the world.

What should happen, is the wrath of God should focus on Pat Robertson with a force so great, that Pat is engulfed in white-hot light, so that after a moment, only his shadow is left upon the wall.

Evolution is not the enemy of God or religion. Only foolish people with no creativity think it is so.


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