Posted by: Jim | December 19, 2005


Going Full-Tilt

Pardon me while I rant. I’m probably going to apologize for this tomorrow, but tonight I am really really mad.

George W. Macarthey has gone too far.

He mocks the law. He mocks our liberties. He mocks the truth.

He lies us into his own pet war. He tortures people he doesn’t like. Then when he gets caught he sets up secret prisons so he can torture people THERE. And he won’t admit it even though it’s true. And now he’s been caught with his hand in the wire-tap jar, and he gets MAD at the people who leaked the story.

What gall.

By cloaking it in the sanctity of “fighting terrorism,” George W. Macarthy has decided that it was okay for him to bypass the courts in order to snoop on American phones and e-mail. The courts, you see, were an inconvenience. But it’s okay, this completely unilateral decision by the White House won’t ever be abused.


Here’s a wake-up call to the Democrats. Ten years ago your president was fucking IMPEACHED because he diddled an intern. And you sit and watch this man dismantle our wonderful country without impeaching him in kind. Hell, he should be arrested!

What the hell does it take to bring this despot down? It’s no wonder that Americans don’t vote for you. You are pussies, afraid of your own shadows. Where is your spine? How the hell can we expect you to stand up to terrorists when you cow to a president who is so fully out of control that you should be frothing-at-the-mouth, Spitting, fucking out-of-control MAD.


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