Posted by: Jim | December 21, 2005



I saw “The Corporation,” a documentary that will scare the shit out of you. I recommend it.

Then I saw “King Kong,” and I’m not sure I can express how awful I thought this movie was. It’s not the worst movie I’ve ever seen by any stretch, but if you were to average out the number of minutes I sat doing one of the following:

a) grimacing
b) laughing inappropriately
c) looking at the time
d) wishing I was somewhere else, or
e) thinking, “that’s preposterous”

then King Kong would rank as the worst by the sheer number of minutes spent wasted.

Peter Jackson did well with the LOTR trilogy, but with this film he confused the word “spectacle” with “spectacular.” My threshold of disbelief cannot be held at bay merely the perfection of special effects. You have to bear in mind things like human motivation, logic, and scientific rationale. Things like … a gigantic ape can run at full-speed with a waif hanging half-out of his left hand without accidentally killing her. This is only one example. There are more.

Avoid it unless you’re an ape fiend.


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