Posted by: Jim | April 14, 2006


A Gentle Reminder

I did some travelling this week, which actually allowed my brain some time to wander and think. I started imagining a scenario …

What if, right now, an announcement was made over the intercom here in the airport that The United States had just deployed a nuclear weapon over Tehran.

My first reaction was to weep. Then I began to assess what would occur.

President Bush would instantly become a de facto world dictator, and catapult the world into instant chaos. Without a doubt, other nations would instantly band together to retaliate against the United States. Some of these would be nations that can currently produce nuclear weapons.

Since I live in Los Angeles, I would assume that my home city would become a target. While it’s less likely that a large nuclear warhead could be deployed in Los Angeles, it is quite possible for a smaller 20 kiloton weapons to be detonated.

So I did some research and calculations. I live about 22 miles (as the debris flies) EAST of downtown Los Angeles. If a drop were deployed strategically to do the most damage financially to this city, it would probably be deployed (thankfully) WEST of downtown Los Angeles. But for the sake of my research, I will assume a 20 kiloton bomb is deployed in downtown Los Angeles.

All the buildings within .6 miles will be completely levelled. Moderate damage will be inflicted to buildings as much as 5 miles away. There is a chance that the bomb could cause a major earthquake, but that would be a different story. The thermal radiation would be felt as much as 5 miles away and would cause 1st degree burns to people as close to me as Pasadena.

In all likelihood, I would easily survive the initial blast. The ensuing panic, riots, chaos, disease, famine, etc. would be the next immediate challenge. There would probably be no potable water for Los Angelenos. I don’t own a gun, so it’s possible I would be killed by neighbors trying to steal my food and water. Also, depending on which way the wind was blowing, if I were to survive these immediate threats, there is a good chance that I would either die or be severely handicapped by the nuclear fallout that would result. Since the wind is usually blowing inland, that is where my location becomes a big bummer. So I wouldn’t die quickly … I would probably be murdered or die slowly.

Unless, of course, I grabbed the girlfriend, hopped in my car and drove. But where would I go? I would go to my kids, of course, but where would we go then? How would we survive? What would we eat? Wouldn’t everyone else be running from Los Angeles too?

Questions … questions …


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