Posted by: Jim | April 19, 2006


For Those of You Who Noticed

“The Meat of the Matter” has been temporarily renamed to draw attention to the staggering fact I’ve come to believe. The leader of the free world has gone mad.

I don’t mean that metaphorically. I don’t mean that euphemistically. I mean exactly what I’m saying. I believe George W. Bush has is mad. He’s lost touch with reality.

I don’t think he’s always been mad (although I may be wrong). But there is no connection between reality and what comes out of his mouth anymore.

This is not a theory I can easily defend, so if you don’t think he’s mad you are welcome to have your own opinion. I may change the name of my blog back at some later date, but Bush will still be mad. I will refer to him as “Mad King George” in my mind from now on.


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