Posted by: Jim | August 7, 2006


Stealth Marketing and Global Warming

In the marketplace of ideas, no avenue is sacred. Not even YouTube. Exxon has hired a PR firm to fake an “amateur” video that made fun of Al Gore’s Global Warming education campaign. See the news here.

In the meantime, Tommy Masterson has posted his thoughts on Global Warming, which I heartily agree with.

History shows us that every scientific theory that:
1. Is espoused by the masses,
2. Produces hysteria, and
3. Predicts doom.

hasn’t been manifested yet.

So if the earth is warming up–and it looks like it might be–I am really not sure that it’s due to carbon dioxide emissions. If it is–no problem! Carbon Dioxide emissions will end pretty soon, because we are running out of gas.

I would much more easily accept global warming to be a natural outcome of the Earth’s normal cycle. We see the earth’s changes from the perspective of a human lifespan, but geological time is much slower. The earth has a 33,000 year cycle, that is actually impacted by even larger universal effects.

After all, global warming will most likely lead to an ice age. There have been many ice ages in Earth’s history, and all of them occured long before we had hairspray.


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