Posted by: Jim | August 14, 2006


End Times Prophesies

My earlier posting led me to yet some more research, which led to more interesting findings.

I discovered a fellow named “Al Ahkenseh” lived in the Nepal around 1200 AD. He was, in his day, probably considered an insane person, as he wrote down prophesies which would have seemed hallucinatory. Today, however, when translated from his original sanskrit to English, his words ring strangely true. Here are a few snippets from one of the chapters. I may post a few more intersting ones later.

“… and they shall mount upon metal beasts with round legs, moving to and fro with great swiftness. Great distances shall become small, and every man will see the entire world.”

“… and when the beasts stop at the marketplace, each within his own place, the men will walk past many places wherein no beasts are placed. These places are blue, and shall be reserved only for him who have no ears to hear, or no legs to walk. But verily, these blue spaces, which lie closer to the marketplace due to a King’s writ, shall always be empty.”

“… and there shall be great beasts and small beasts. And great places to park the great beasts, and small places to park the small beasts. Small beasts can go ahead and park in the big spaces. But yea, the small places shall bear a sign warning great beasts that only small beasts may park there. But verily, the great beasts shall park there anyway.”

“… and in these times, the beastmakers shall equip each beast with a siren’s call, so that if the beast be stolen, passers by can stop the thief. But alas, these siren’s shall sound their alarum far too often, and passers by will merely plug their ears, and the alarum shall only make people wish it would stop.”

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