Posted by: Jim | August 24, 2006


More from the Prophet

Here is another quote from “Al Ahkenseh”

Oh yea, Oh yea, and in the last days, men will not speak as men. Instead, each man will speak into a tube, and yea, on the other end of the tube shall be an automaton with the voice of a woman. The woman can speak, but the men can only push buttons. And yea, the woman will offer the men particular options for topics that the men can speak about, like payment amounts and account information, but these options will never represent what the man *really* wants to speak about.

Oh yea, and the man will push random buttons hoping to speak to a real person, but she shall not flinch. She will say, “You have pressed an incorrect option.” And yea, the man will shout obscenities at the woman, and she shall say, “I’m sorry, I didn’t get that.”

Eventually the men will hang up, dejected and afraid.


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