Posted by: Jim | September 15, 2006

Islam Reacts

The Pope has implied that Islam spreads its faith through violence, and has urged a reasonable discussion between the two worlds, because “God is reasonable.”

Islam did not like this comment, said it is absolutely wrong, and the reaction may lead to violence.

And here’s a quote from CSN News:
“Among those condemning the pope’s words about violence and Islam were the head of the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist organization based in numerous Arab countries which gave birth to the Hamas terrorist group in the Palestinian territories.

The pope also was criticized by Yusuf al-Qaradawi, an Egyptian-born scholar based in Qatar and regarded as the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. Qaradawi has come under fire for praising Palestinian suicide bombers and for calling on Muslims to fight against U.S. forces in Iraq.”

In a way, I think it wasn’t too bright for the Pope to say this. On the other hand, it just might have been brilliant, as the Muslim world will be forced to examine the way they react to this. It would seem that those who are reacting most are those who are most guilty.

We certainly do live in interesting times.


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