Posted by: Jim | October 5, 2006

R … The New Scarlet Letter

Would you trust your child with this man?

In the dark of night, you turn your kitchen light on, and you see dozens of slimy little creatures run for the safety of darkness.

Those aren’t Cockroaches, they’re Republicans!

Senator Hastert, who winkingly approved of Sen. Foley’s pedophilia, is finding people “accidentally” cancelling fundraisers for him. Some politcal ads for Republican Senators and Representatives are “accidentally” leaving out which party they are in. The party whose election slogan in 2000 was … what was it? Compassion and decency? No, wait … Morals and decency? Aw shucks, I’ve forgotten what their slogan was now. But these days Republicans were wishing it were something that held them to a slightly lower standard.

Meanwhile, Bob Woodward has written a book that says that things in Iraq are much worse than the Bush Administration has been letting on. It’s already in its 3rd printing and selling like hotcakes.

And lastly, our President has slashed away at another American value called Habeas Corpus. Apparently, the situation in the world is so bad that people whom the President suspects are guilty, no longer have to be proven guilty. Oh wait … it’s been that way ever since he suspected Saddam was an Al Qaida kingpin with his finger poised over a button to launch WMDs against us.

Well, those American values are out-of-date anyway. They were thought up in the 1700s and we live in a different time! 9/11! 9/11!

Godspeed a Progressive majority.


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