Posted by: Jim | October 12, 2006

Iraq For Sale

Last night I drove all the way to Beverly Hills (getting lost, as I always do whenever I go there) and hooked up with my buddy Stephen to see Iraq for Sale. Carol was also there, and it was great to see her (she is a goddess, after all.)

The film is quite compelling. It tells the story of how no-bid cost-plus contracts were granted to firms to handle a lot of the Iraq War. It tells the story of how they’ve made enormous profits at the expense of our troops. If you support our troops, please watch it.


  1. I do support our troops, no matter where they are, or who is making a profit. I was a ‘troop’ once, and I know I sure appreciated all the support I got from home (I was in Germany). The fact that (if it is indeed true) war profiteering is so rampant, is sad, and should be rectified as calmly as possible. Not in the manner Michael Moore might have you consider (I’m aware he has nothing to do with this film, that I can see).

    I still suport U.S. troops. I hope we all do, regardless of what Hollywood says.

  2. I support the troops as well, in spite of the profiteering. The film is *not* shrill in the manner of Michael Moore. It’s quite calmly stated in fact. However, the fact that these war profiteers are causing unnecessary harm to our troops simply to make a buck is unconscionable. It’s just sickening.

    We have to bring most outsourced military responsibilities back within the fold of the US Military.

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