Posted by: Jim | October 20, 2006

Congrats Are In Order

Kingfelix over at Bookarmor just received a bit of exciting news. He’s been accepted into a British Council New Writing program, and his submission (a short story) will be published in one of the UK’s most prestigious  literary journals.

His swashbuckling life will migrate from the little Central American town where he’s been living and learning Spanish back to Britain, where he will most certainly be swept up in a flurry of winking book agents and publishing deals.

I swear “I knew him when.”



  1. Congrats, Felix! Please let us know where to read your material (when it is published).

  2. Thanks Todd and thanks Jim for this post.

    I don’t know about a swashbuckling life, but I said in my reply to the British Council,

    “i apologise if i sound completely flippant, but i lead an offhand kind of existence, so this news has just been gathered into the general confusing mess of things, and i reply first and foremost so you people know i am alive and threatening to be lucid. please don’t cancel my publication on the strength of my weakness…”

    moral: best not to write emails when blind drunk, but no harm done.

  3. I’m a little late with the congratulations, but congratulation, kingfelix! Can’t wait to read your material once it’s published.

  4. only about 9 months to go! i am going to try and sell some other stories now on the strength of this, i am sure jim will relay any good news. thanks carol!

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