Posted by: Jim | October 20, 2006

The Trouble With Words

I once took a poetry class in college where the instructor asked us to write a poem that had no verbs in it. It was harder than I thought, and since most of my poems were somewhat narrative, the assignment was extremely challenging. But I found that by eliminating certain words, I was forced to open my mind and communicate differently (and thus, better). To that end, I am eliminating the words “Liberal” and “Conservative” from my personal lexicon. (For a time, at least.) These two words have become completely amorphous, and are defined by the listener based on that listener’s perception of C’s or L’s. Therefore, usage of those words prohibits any real thought or communication, and I’m bidding them adieu. For Liberals, I will *sometimes* use “Progressive.” Any suggestions on what is a good substitute for “Conservative”? (Be nice!)


  1. Substitute for ‘Conservative’. Hmmm.

    How about ‘Deeply Repressed, Self-Loathing, Hypocritical Pedophiliac Fag?’

    Oh wait a minute. That’s just SOME of them. Never mind.

    * * *

  2. I said BE NICE!

  3. How about “traditionalist”?

  4. I hate the word ‘progressive’ in any political discourse because it is inherently dishonest. The use of it implies that any dissenting point of view is ‘regressive’ and therefore out of date, old and invalid. I suggest you find a new code word for “liberal” as well. 😉


  5. Tommy, I like “Progressive” because it frames the argument–something the Right is masterful at. 🙂

    I suppose you are right that it is unfair. Perhaps the right should come up with a name that is equally unfair to balance the equation. 😉

    This may be more difficult than I thought …

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