Posted by: Jim | October 24, 2006

Dumbest Guy in the Room

Enron’s CEO Jefferey Skilling got 24 years today.

Bravo, and well done. He was a criminal of the worst kind. I highly recommend watching “Enron: The Smartest Guys In the Room.” It’s a documentary that explains what Enron did that was so wrong. Most people don’t really know how the Mark-to-Market scheme worked, and how they were hiding their debt in start-up companies. But the documentary is very interesting, and won’t bore you–I promise.

There was a day when people said we need to run our country like a company. I believe they are wrong. I’ve worked in Corporate America for 16 years now, and corporations frequently make money and preserve profits by creating an illusion of success. Enron is the worst example of this, but the attitude held by Skilling was complete chicanery. He grew up living an illusion, and became fantastically wealthy by playing the illusion game.

The only hope for Skilling’s character is that he gets a particularly cruel cellmate.


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