Posted by: Jim | October 25, 2006

Rushing for the Door

While it is easy for ME to Boycott Rush (since I never listen to him anyway), my pal Todd has, to quote him, “taken a page from my book” and is boycotting Rush over his comments about Michael J. Fox.

Last year, Todd rode from Colorado Springs to Dallas Texas to raise money for Fox’s Foundation.

Rush’s antics have lost him probably many more listeners than just Todd.



  1. Thanks for the pub, Jim. The adddress for the blog is

    As I told Jim, I am human before I am any kind of political alignment. The bike ride was to raise money for someone in whom I believe is fighting hard for a cure to this brutal disease.

    I lost my father to Parkinson’s in 2002.

    People like Rush Limbaugh have actually made me step back and reconsider why I think like I do. No one gets unconditional approval with me, be it in religion, politics or sports. There is a certain amount of respect deserved in situations like these, and if Rush truly believes that Michael J. Fox is ‘faking it,’ if I had the power, I would inflict this terrible disease upon Rush for a month and see how he fares.

    My dad lived with it for seventeen years.

  2. OK, Todd, I take back every obnoxious (though sans real malice since I don’t technically know you anyway) jab I’ve ever tossed your way.

    * * *

  3. Thanks, Bri. Filing this event under ‘View-changing,’ and ‘A Kinder, Gentler Todd.’

  4. good for you, Todd. this is exactly what i was referring to in my comment on Man, Oh Man, that good conservatives would say “That’s enough” to this week’s antics from Limbaugh

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