Posted by: Jim | November 2, 2006

Ann Coulter’s Latest

Ann Coulter is under investigation for voter fraud. If this turns that she is guilty, it will be another sad indicator that people are disregarding what made America great in favor of their own personal agenda. And unfortunately, it is not looking like the county has the wrong address on record for Ann.

Our troops are said to be fighting for “our freedoms.” And one of those freedoms is the right to vote in our own leaders. If people support our troops and treat our freedoms with such wanton disregard, they should be thrown in jail. Give me the key, please.



  1. Jim, I have to be honest. Before even reading this piece, I knew your position on Ann Coulter. It is a tactic used in campaign advertising, where an image of the character to be disparaged is either black and white, out of focus, or in some other way of poor quality. It is a form of spin. If you were to have included a better picture of Ms. Coulter, of which there are many, your content would be easier to take. This also goes for those silly TV campaign ads. I understand that she alone is responsible for disparaging herself, but this tactic is juvenile and works only on weak minds.

    I don’t really care for Ann Coulter, but there have to better pics of her out there. It will be a shame if she is guilty. It would be a shame if ANYone were guilty of this.

  2. That’s right, Todd, focus on the picture rather than the issue.

  3. You are right, Todd. I am going to find the best picture I can of her (that makes her the most innocent looking) and use that instead.

  4. There now … how could such a cute, innocent girl commit such a crime?!! Surely she must be innocent.

  5. Hmm… It seems to me that searching out the most attractive picture of a subject is a form of spinning as well, one that Todd apparently endorses.

    How about, in the interest of fairness, Googling “Ann Coulter” using Google Images and using the first one that comes up? Or the second? Or even the third? Go ahead, Todd, pick one that spins voter fraud in the most attractive light.

  6. Actually you could show a gorgeous airbrushed nude centerfold picture of her lilly white ass, and all it would make me think of is what a waste of perfectly good skin. There is nothing — NOTHING — I despise more than a hypocrite, and so IF she’s guilty (in the name of fairness I will presume otherwise for now), I hope they give her whatever the maximum sentence is, and I hope she shares her cell with some large angry black woman from Florida whose vote mysteriously disappeared in the ’04 election.

    And if she ISN’T guilty, I hope this ruins her career anyway. Why? Because she annoys the fuck outta me.

    * * *

  7. Chuck, please see Jim in the Principal’s office. You are WRONG, as Jim changed the pic to make his point more clear. You really are a character.

  8. Well I changed the pic because

    a) I did use bias when choosing the picture, and
    b) I realized that her guilt is irrespective of her looks. BUT
    c) She has been using her looks to her advantage her entire career anyway.

  9. How am I wrong, Todd? Seriously. Jim changing the picture (which he did before my last comment, btw) has not one iota of relevance to the point I made. So how am I wrong? How does a “pretty” picture of Ann Coulter make his point any clearer than an unflattering one?

  10. Still waiting, Todd…

  11. confession: i know she’s abrasive, but i totally have a crush on Ann Coulter

  12. Send it to PostSecret.

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