Posted by: Jim | November 6, 2006

Desperation and Meltdown

The U.S. just “accidentally” posted explicit instructions on how to build a nuclear bomb on a government-sponsored website.

After ignoring warnings from Negroponte that posting these documents could pose a risk, Republican Senators moved forward anyway. After the NY Times pointed out that these documents were extremely damaging to the welfare of our country, the U.S. Goverment took the site down.

These documents were in Iraqi hands before the 1991 Gulf War. They were handed over to U.N. Weapons Inspectors before the 2nd Iraq invasion. Even though Iraq had the know-how to build these weapons, they still did not have the ability and were successfully prevented by the first President Bush in making any progress toward them. These documents were not evidence that could in any way substantiate the 2nd Iraq war. And yet … they were posted with irrepressible zeal in spite of Negroponte’s warnings. Why?

It is baffling to me how the same government that refuses the press information because it is “secret,” could also be so wantonly stupid in carrying out its war against terrorism. Then, politicizing the situation by calling the NY Times irresponsible for “broadcasting” that the information was there. Umm … words escape me.
No they don’t: the politicising began right in the GOP.

According to Joe Cirincione Senior Vice President for National Security and International Policy at the Center for American Progress in Washington,  “In their zeal to promote the idea Saddam Hussein in fact did have (WMD), congressional proponents of the war … have put up documents on the internet that could give terrorists and states hostile to the United States the very instructions they need to build nuclear, chemical or biological weapons,” he said.

“If Democrats had done that there would be mobs carrying torches in the streets tonight. The Democrats would be accused of treason and there would be calls for resignation,” Cirincione told reporters Friday.

The GOP need to stop looking back. Justifying the war in Iraq will not change the fact that we are making a horrible mess of it. And in this case, by trying to justify the war on terror, they gave terrorists a huge, huge, gift.

Way to go, guys.


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