Posted by: Jim | November 8, 2006

How did you vote?

And why?

C’mon … gimme the dirt.



  1. I voted “against”… How did you vote?

  2. I voted with one of those newfangled touch-screen gadgets, and it was pretty clean.

  3. I voted “against” as well. It’s a shame that it has come to that, but it looks like the majority of Americans did the same.

  4. I told the smug, smirking, would-be tyrants that we aren’t a dictatorship yet. And, to my surprise, I was right.

    * * *

  5. With the InkaVote system, for mostly Dems, but a few Greens where the vote wasn’t close, to keep them on the ballot.

    Maybe I’m naive, but I like the idea of trying to get a viable third party going. And being the commie hippie tree-hugging pinko that I am, I like the Greens.

  6. Hey Bri…. We came dangerously close to a dictatorship… don’t lower your guard yet.

  7. Carol — You said “Inkavote” and I read it as IvankaVote and thought it was some kind of clever Donald/Ivanka Trump joke.

  8. Many on the right are blaming a biased media for their loss. I think the media–as screwed up and biased as it can be–just might have been the wildcard that saved us from dictatorship.

  9. I really don’t blame anyone for the GOP’s loss. Opinions change with the times, and with opinion change comes personnel change in our form of government. I am politically ambidexterous, and rather than mourn “my party’s” loss, I am celebrating change I actually affected:-)

  10. ^5 Todd!

    The most stubborn converts are the best.

  11. I love you, Todd. If I were gay (and you were too), I would want to marry you.


    * * *

  12. TMI

  13. If that’s TMI, then I guess I shouldn’t mention I’d almost like to be the filling in that love sandwich…


  14. Heh, Bri. That was an issue on which I sat the fence until the past few months. I voted in favor ofextending certain rights to same sex couples (failed here in Colorado) and against an amendment to classify marriage as exclusively man/woman (it passed). Like our host says, in time, this issue will be less of an issue…

    There’s your dirt, Jimmy 🙂

  15. Here is KS, there was not a whole lot going on… the way my district (3) is drawn, the Dem’s always win by a landslide, (Moore’s not a bad rep though), and other than that I voted for the Dem Paul Morrison for AG mainly because I know him, and he did a great job here in Johnson County as the DA. The incumbent Gov. was a lock to win so I voted 3rd party, guess which 😉

  16. First guess: Libertarian? 😀

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