Posted by: Jim | November 8, 2006

Someone Pinch Me

The Democrats took the House, and it looks likely that they will take the Senate as well.

According to NPR, Rumsfeld is resigning at 1:00 PM today, which is … right this moment.

What next? Bin Laden will turn himself in? GM will unveil a car that runs on Carbon Monoxide and emits pure oxygen? Am I dreaming here??



  1. Yes, you’re dreaming. But it’s a nice dream, and I am sharing it. Tomorrow we’ll be faced with the dirty sheets Rumsfeld and his fellow Nazis leave behind, and there are no Dems with super powers (or Big Ideas) as far as I know, so I don’t expect any miracles.

    But for now, I am just enjoying the strange unfamiliar absence of abject dread in the pit of my stomach.

    * * *

  2. As I emailed to a fellow activist this morning (and ended today’s blog with), I’m so happy I could plotz.

    Enjoy it, Bri and Jim. It’s all real.

    *dancing the Chair Happy Dance at work*

  3. What is plotzing?

  4. Not many Yiddish speakers out your way?

    Plotzing is the same as crapping. 🙂

  5. I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…

  6. Got news for ya, Toddy: today IS Christmas.
    And it’s better than white. It’s Blue.


    * * *

  7. Blue always was my favorite color…

  8. Actually, it’s red, white, and blue. True America ideals won today, even if the wingers don’t think so.

  9. Nice, Bri. I still want snow on Christmas though. Chuck, you are also dead on. I don’t like all of the results, but I am glad we have new leadership here in Colorado – and he’s blue! No, not a smurf…

  10. Red, white and blue. Yeah, it sounds cheesy, but I agree. Jefferson would be proud.

    * * *

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