Posted by: Jim | November 12, 2006

Sunday Tidbits

One story this week captured my imagination. One of the most rare, sought-after stamps by philatelists was put on an absentee ballot (with no name, rendering the vote invalid), and sealed in a Florida ballot box that, by law, must not be opened.

The stamp is the inverted “Jenny.” It’s worth from $200,000 to $500,000. There are only 100 known in existence. So this little story will now be one of those unanswered mysteries–the type that are a lot more fun as long as they are unanswered.

It reminds me of some other fun “unanswered mysteries,” like the missing robotic head of Phillip K. Dick.

I can’t think of any others at the moment. Can you?



  1. i wrote about the PKD head. being resident in Memphis AND a huge fan of PKD, my imagination was suitably fired by the incident. i am not sure my conspiracy theory was up to much, though

  2. Florida? REALLY?

  3. Yes, I believe the first I heard of it was either on your blog or in WIRED. Are you the one who pointed me to this?

    That is one of the more remarkable things I’ve read about PKD.

  4. jim

    absolutely, that was my link to the mayhem!
    apologies, this reply is out of breath, just did the jog home of death along dark Guatemalan streets…

  5. oooohhhh – Jenny!

  6. Future Jim: It turns out the stamp was fake:

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