Posted by: Jim | November 21, 2006

Had to Share This …

I rarely talk about work on my blog, but …

Today I met with a vendor representative. I won’t say which company he represented but it rhymes with “Nicrosoft.” He was a great guy, actually, and it was a well-run, efficient meeting. But one thing he said created a black hole in my mind, from which no light escaped for at least 15 minutes.

He said …

“We are the belly-button of support.”

I pondered over that for quite some time trying to understand the metaphor, while at the same time stifling laughter.

Maybe Microsoft has become Zen and this is a Koan?



  1. That sure is strange. Everyone has bellybuttons, which makes them more ordinary.

    If he would have said they are the bellybutton on a Playboy centerfold, that would have told me they’re pretty cute and always an innie. Of course, they could also be the bellybutton on the former Defense Minister of Iraq, in which case, there would be a LOT of lint in their support department.

  2. I heard a rumor that Bill Gates doesn’t have a belly button.

    * * *

  3. I’ve been trying to puzzle this out, because I’m really good at rationalizing bullshit, but I admit, this one has me stumped.

    I mean, a belly button once was conneccted to something that provided support (ie nourishment), but stopped providing that support after nine months (more or less). Does he really want to compare “Nicrosoft” to something that hasn’t provided support for years, in some cases?

  4. maybe he did mean the umbilical cord, as carol says. that sounds more like it.

    it makes me worry what kind of “support” exactly they may dispense. but, as no doubt you’ve found, the advice from IT people can tend towards the gnomic. it is fascinating the way in which the “hardware/software” line of excusing responsibility for every problem works, for example.

    “my computer is on fire.”
    “did you ever install any software on it?”

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Jim.

  6. When I read the post… a few clever comments popped into my head.

    When I clicked “Comment” I saw that those things had already been said by the clever people that beat me to it.

    This leaves me with …

    a) what’s a belly button?
    b) oranges also have ‘navels’
    c) don’t pick at it, you will get an infection.

    I hope your Turkey day was a good one!

  7. Heheh. Thanks Pero!

  8. I wonder how the rep would respond to that question. lol

    Cute picture.

  9. Hey good one… and a very apt pic 😉

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