Posted by: Jim | December 6, 2006

I guess I am an Atheist

While I’ve considered myself an agnostic for the past many years, Atheism has apparently expanded its definition to absorb those of my ilk.

According to Wikipedia, which is a source I trust, Strong Atheism asserts that there is no god. However, weak atheism merely declines to believe in god, due to a lack of evidence. This move effectively means that all agnostics are actually weak atheists. Thank you. Thank you very much.

This is similar to the feeling you have when you are hired by Company X, only to have them immediately gobbled up by Company Y. Now you are an employee of Company Y, which you did not choose to work for. And not only that, but your job title has just been downgraded.

Thank you. Thank you very much.



  1. Don’t let anyone pigeonhole you, Jimbo. You are what you are. Adding a label to you doesn’t really change who you are. I believe in a God, but the fact that you don’t, doesn’t make you less of ‘Jim’ to me.

    Also, what’s the difference between asserting there is no God, versus not believing there is a God? Either way, you cannot prove it, so they’re essentially the same philosophy. I would assert that athiests should hedge their bets and believe in something, because of the following logic:

    If you believe in a God, get to the great beyond and discover yes indeed, there is a God, you’re good. If you eschew all belief in a God and then meet that God, well, you’re screwed (by some religious standards). If you believe in a God and there truly isn’t a God when you depart this place, then you’ve not really lost anything.

    To me, athiests pretty much live for their time on this planet and choose not to see past their death. All others, be it by faith or by science, believe there’s something out there, they just don’t know what it is. I don’t care one way or another – I’m not here to save anyone or change their minds. Just makes good logical sense to me 🙂

  2. ok. let’s take it back to the Greek Etymology of both words:
    Atheist: áthe(os) meaning ‘godless’
    Agnostic: ágnōtos meaning ‘not known, incapable of being known’
    So technically they are wrong. Just a stretched definition of the word.

  3. I totally agree. There was a full essay on where a fellow actually broke down the word “atheist” and came up with something different. Here’s the quote:

    “The word ‘atheism’ comes from the Greek prefix ‘a’, meaning without, and ‘theist’, meaning having a belief in a supernatural deity. Atheism, therefore, literally means “without theistic belief”. Atheism does not positively assert anything; rather, it is a statement of withheld belief.”

    Gosh … sounds like agnosticism to me.

  4. So to further complicate a rather simple notion, do you believe in something greater than humanity itself? In other words, is there an afterlife, and if so, who runs it? If not, I have my answer.

  5. labels. aren’t they a pain? personally, i don’t care to be labeled. belief and faith are things that should not be static anyway. if we, as humans, are always growing, evolving, changing, then belief and faith will grow and evolve and change as well. and that’s the way it should be.

  6. Allah will visit his infinite holy justice on you, infidel! Allahu Ackbar!

  7. Todd: I hope there is an afterlife, and I DO believe in something greater than humanity–that being the force of life itself.

    Jane: I agree. The mystery is the meat.

    Venjanz: [insert sound of ullulation]

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